Yes, we do custom made stencils!

A Custom made stencil implies that you are having a stencil made of your own design, for your exclusive use. You would either have drawn the design/asked a friend to help you, or you paid a designer to do it for you digitally.

A screenshot of a great idea is not material for a custom made stencil, it is probably someone else’s custom made stencil/design, which mean you would want us to copy someone else’s design.

Please note that we are obligated to follow all copyright laws and will not accept any orders that may result in non-licenced merchandise.

Although we do not take responsibility for ensuring you are not using someone else’s design, we would not even consider any of the following (unless you have written permission to use an official logo and/or artwork):

  • Disney
  • Pro-sport team
  • Brand
  • Logo Names
  • Band
  • Musician
  • Celebrities
  • TV Show/ Movie Art

It is therefore assumed that the design submitted for a custom made stencil belongs to the client, and does not infringe on any copyright laws.

Should you submit a screen shot/photo of someone else’s design, you may request our in- house designer to redesign something similar, in which case design fees will apply.

Design fees will depend on the degree of editing and labour time required to meet the client’s requirements.

The minimum design fee is R100, which will include 2 changes.

Any additional changes will increase the fees. All fees will be discussed with the client prior to completion.

A custom made stencil paid for by the client will not be used for another client or by Plank Art Pty Ltd. In a case where the client request a design but do not necessarily want it custom made, a mutual agreement between Plank Art and the client may be made that the design may be re-used. In such a case the client will not be charged for a custom made stencil, but design fees will still apply.
Any altered digital image remains the property of Plank Art Pty Ltd, unless the wishes to purchase the digital file. This will be determined by standard industry rates. Any altered image is done solely for the purpose of obtaining a high quality image in order to produce the stencil.


Photos, screenshots and files saved in low resolution are not suitable for the making of stencils. A template of the design needs to be printed in 100% black, with smooth lines, which will be used to burn the stencil under a light source.

For the best quality stencil your design must be a vector image, with RGB values = 0.

Vector art is digital art composed of mathematical lines and curves and can be enlarged indefinitely without losing quality. Typically vector images are made using Corel Draw or Illustrator.

A raster image (photos, bitmaps, clip-art etc) consists of pixels in horizontal and vertical rows and columns. When enlarged they lose their quality and become fuzzy. They can not be used to make a stencil, unless they have a dpi of 200. The image can then be altered and converted to vector.

The following act as a pricing guideline, subject to the design supplied:

F R100.00 98mm x 95mm 58mm x 55mm
C R115.00 98mm x 142mm 58mm x 102mm
J R131.00 135mm x 142mm 95mm x 102mm
B R148.00 197mm x 142mm 157mm x 102mm
E R193.00 197mm x 185mm 157mm x 145mm
A R257.00 197mm x 278mm 157mm x 238mm
A3 R399.00 405mm x 287mm 365mm x 247mm

PRICING STRUCTURE as of 15 January 2021:

Setup fee: R30 / design (Maximum of R90 for multiple designs)

Custom stencil prices as per table above.

Postage: R100


Art correction: R30 / design if needed – conversion from grayscale to pure black/darkening fine lines/vectorising

or Design fee: R60 minimum fee (redrawing etc)

or R100 minimum fee (image design) , dependant on material supplied and complexity of design.

Correction/design fee will only be charged per design, not for each size for the same design.

A quote is subject to quality of design supplied by client, any additional charges will be discussed with client. No work will commence unless payment of 50% deposit has been received.

A repeat stencil of the same design and size as supplied previously, will not be charged as above, please indicate clearly on the “request quote” form if you need a repeat of a previous design, and more or less when we did it.


    Please be as complete as possible when filling in the form below.
    If you have any comments or questions, please fill them in below under the additional comments section.

    A. Personal Information

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    *Contact details will only be used to contact you about your stencil.

    B. Stencil Details

    1. Is the image a pure black (RGB=0) vector? 2. Does the image need to be redrawn?
    5. If you answered YES on question 4, do you have written permission to use the design?

    C. Stencil Size

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    We accept the following file formats : JPEG (if high resolution), PDF, CDR or PNG

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