Want to promote Silkscreen Stencils? Our affiliate program allows you to become an affiliate, earn 10% Store Credit for every successful purchase.

The person following your affiliate link will receive a 5% discount on their purchase (once off).

How It Works

1, Sign up using this link 

2. Your request will be reviewed, upon approval of your affiliate account you will receive a confirmation email. 

3. Login in using the affiliate dashboard here

4. Find your unique referral link and start sharing it.

5. For every succesful purchase (a succesful purchase is determined by the payment of the orders and the succesful shipping), the affiliate referrer will receive a 10% STORE CREDIT which can be used on future purchase through Silkscreen Stencils. The person using your personal affiliate link will receive a once off 5% discount on their order. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before signing up!

6. Store credit will be processed once the order has been completed. You will receive a notification of when you are awarded your store credit. Store credit will be redeemable when checking out on your next order.